1.Specification:type L is suitable for the person who is over 1.75cm. 
type S is suitable for the person who is lower than 1.75cm 
2.waterproof : the water-permeabilety amount is less than 200g after the wearer has floated on water one hour. 
3.thermo-insulation performance: after the wearer soaks in srarionary water of 0 ~ 2 c 6 hours .the drop of the body-temperature is less than 2 c. 
4.floating performance : the water can turn over within 5s,so that the face toward up and the nose and mouth portion is 120mm above the water level,after the wearer soaks in water 24 hours ,the floating loss of the suit is less than 5% 
6.watertight,airtight property: fill air pressure 0.02 bar into the clothes for 15 minutes and immerse it into water without leakage.